Monday, May 5, 2014

Sappy stuff

I am feeling a bit sappy today.  I'm probably over tired because Baby Doll was little miss social last night.  She went to bed at her usual time but was up around 11:30 because she wanted to be with us apparently.  I had daddy go make her a bottle to hopefully encourage her to go back to sleep.  While he was downstairs she reached her arms to be picked up, so of course I obliged and was delighted to have her nuzzle her face into my neck, she wanted to cuddle.  Her head was turned towards me and she just looked up at me, closed her eyes for a bit and opened them again and smiled.  I sang her the first song that popped into my head, Barges, and she just looked at me, head still on my shoulder.  When that was done I switched to her favourite Nanny song, it's not really a song, just "doo dee doo" sounds, and out came some giggles.  It was such a beautiful moment.  I want to remember it forever.

Um what?

I only have two more months of leave before going back to work full time.  Um what?  WTF did the time go?  She was just born wasn't she?

I certainly will have mixed feelings.  I love my job.  I work at such a wonderful place with wonderful people doing something that really matters to me.  Helping children, helping parents.  I will miss my time at home with my two beautiful kids.  Nothing lasts forever and once the adjustment period is over I know I will be okay.  The anticipation is always the worst part.

It will push me
It will change me
It will not break me