Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water woes

Well, our basement sprung two leaks.  Around the window on the back side of the house and on the front side of the house from a cracked elbow on the downspout (we are happy this will be a relatively easy fix).  Tristan used the shop vac to suck out water from the fully saturated window well.  I am estimating that 220 L of water did NOT come into our house due to his quick thinking.  Looks like we are spending the better part of the weekend solving some drainage issues.  The deck in the back will come out because right now we can't even get at the window.  Last night we demo-ed the basement wall, removed all of the wet drywall and insulation and found out that the damage is not too bad.   The carpet was wet maybe a foot from the wall, we didn't lose any valuables, and no one got electrocuted from the soaked outlet nor did it start a fire (there was something plugged into it, but I was able to remove the plug without any mishaps!).  If anyone knows any reliable companies who do drainage please send me your recommendations!  We will have to start getting estimates to help us dig down to the weeping tile and hopefully help us prevent this from happening again!  It will be money well spent although it's going to hurt for sure!  While we're at it, we're thinking about putting in a patio rather than replace the know, go big or go home!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A tradition

Today marks the start of Chicken and Rib Fest on Sparks St.!  For the last few years we have been frequenting this super-yummy event!  A carnivore's dream restaurant!  It's one of my favourite traditions that we have started in our little family.  I don't spend a lot of time downtown, I don't work there and I've "been there done that" as a teenager.  Parking is a nightmare and I would rather stay home than try to take the bus from Barrhaven to downtown on the weekend.  I will most certainly make the trip for some good BBQ!  And Tristan likes to drive so, I'm all in!  So many grills to choose from, we generally go with the one with the shortest line, but they seem to have the serving down to a science.  Never takes too too long to get your grub.  Eating is messy, I ALWAYS get more on me than in me, and J seems to enjoy it as well.  One year he just ran up and down some stairs and was perfectly content.  Another year he got a huge kick out of a convertible they had on display, the nice guy running the prize draw let him sit in it and everything.  We tried really hard but couldn't keep him from touching the car and the guy had to keep wiping hand prints off of it.  He just smiled and tolerated our curious guy quite well!  So here's to summer and Chicken and Rib Fest!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Space monkey

"Mommy, do you know?  There are asteroids in space.  They're like big rocks.  And then they come down and turn into fire, and that's how you get meteor showers!"

He's his father's son.  He also on a regular basis, refers to the NASA postcard he got from Auntie Steph to "check on the rocket ship".    Yep, that's my boy.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Our anniversary is fast approaching. I have spent nine amazing years married to the most wonderful man. I fell for him all over again when he became a father and he was so gentle and capable with our baby.  There's nothing stronger than a man who can be so loving and protective of a helpless baby. 

Bit of trivia: Traditionally, the ninth anniversary is celebrated with pottery or willow, the flower of choice would be the poppy and the gemstone Lapis Lazuli, which is an amazingly beautiful Persian stone, a brilliant colour of blue.

On July 6, 2002 I married my high school sweetheart. It was a beautiful summer day.  The week before was hot and sticky, but the day of our wedding, it all just disappeared.  It took place at Strathmere House, the ceremony was outside, under the trees, it could not have been more perfect.  We were lucky to share the day with both of our families and many of our friends.  I remember in the evening, just before sunset we started seeing some smoke from forest fires that were happening just outside the city.  It had an eery kind of beauty to it, even though we knew it represented something awful.  The day went off without a hitch, due to in large part to the careful planning of the event by my wedding coordinators; my mother and sisters.  :)  The ceremony began with Canon in D, and ended with the music of trumpets.  It was on this day that he made the most important promise to me.  That he would be responsible for killing all the bugs (spiders!) for me.  We took many pictures, enough for a lifetime, but I remember that day as clearly as if it were yesterday.  It isn't every day that your best friend (Bridesmaid) tells your sister (MOH) how she was sharing a room with the groom!  (haha, inside joke!)  And after it was all done we spent an hour pulling bobby pins out of my hair and then went straight to bed...for 4 hours before we had to get up to go to the airport!  We were leaving for Disney World the very next morning.  When we talked about honeymoon spots, the conversation didn't last very long, we both knew that we wanted to do Disney/Universal/MGM.  I think it's because we are both kids at heart.  Some day we will go back with our family, it will be our "Dream Vacation". 

I am blessed with a wonderful husband.  He's not perfect, but he's mine and I wouldn't change a thing about him.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Truth # 7

Someone who has made your life worth living.

The most beautiful blue-eyed boy I have ever known.  The day I first met him was the happiest I had ever felt in 28 years.  Since then every day has been a gift.  The icing on the cake if you don't mind me being a little bit cliché.  I have always questioned my religious beliefs but if there is a god, my son surely was sent to me by him.  He has a wonderful sense of humour, mild disposition, even temperament, and a bit of a stubborn streak (not sure he doesn't come by it honestly though...).  He is talkative, playful, and very cooperative.  He's also a negotiator, manipulator, and can be motivated with bribes!  I can count on one hand the number of real temper tantrums he's had.  I tell him everyday "I love you forever".  I asked him yesterday "What is love?"  He said "Love is something in your heart.  You have to check it everyday so it doesn't break."  I never knew that a 4 year old would teach me more than I will ever teach him.  Letters, numbers, concepts won't ever come close to the education he has given me.