Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An ending - hopefully happy!

I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Yesterday morning I wrote my final exam for the course I was taking at La Cité Collégiale, Révision de la grammaire française.  I am elated that it is over.  I did really well, so far anyway.  We'll see how it plays out with my final exam.  60% is a pass, and I'm pretty confident I did better than that.  I am obsessively checking the Blackboard (web based application) to see if my mark is posted yet, although realistically, I figure it won't be up until next week.  The exam was pencil and paper, so it has to go via snail mail to my instructor to be marked by hand and then posted on the Blackboard.  I was mildly miffed that the course guide indicated clearly that the final exam covers weeks 9-15 and I clearly found questions related to earlier sections.  I was just upset because I didn't really focus my studying on the sections that had already tested by the mid-term.  Even still, I'm sure I did fine, but I HAVE to get an "A".  Isn't that silly of me?  After being out of school all this time and I still have the same perfectionistic tendencies.  I guess some things just never change.  I'll be very disappointed if I don't, that's for sure.  Also, I would probably be embarrassed since the course was paid for by my employer, sort of like my adult-world "parents".  They paid for the course and I wouldn't want to show them a grade any less than an "A".  Again, perfectionistic, I know, I really can't help it.  Comes from years of being expected to produce a fantastic report card.  It's really not a bad expectation to have.  I'm just surprised that the pull is still there to please someone else other than myself.  Anyway, that wasn't really the topic.  The focus of this is only to say that I'm glad this course is over so I can go back to concentrating on other areas of my life.  Spend more time playing instead of studying my butt off.  I haven't neglected my family (I never would), but I've seen less of my friends than I did before, attended far fewer BK meetings, and haven't had a breakfast date in AGES!  (hinthint)  And my house has suffered for it, but I'm sure it won't harbor any grudges. 

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