Friday, April 1, 2011


I think the bumpy road is starting to even out.  Unbelievably, I baked yesterday.  The last time I baked was before Christmas, and largely due to the fact that my husband did most of the work and I assisted.  Yesterday it was all me.  I really enjoy baking, I like the measuring, mixing, precise in a way, and then working out the system to ensure I am using the oven and trays efficiently and not leaving the oven empty.  (My sister helped me work that one out, she is the absolute master of this particular recipe)  So getting back to the point, I actually spontaneously engaged in an activity that I enjoy immensely.  That hasn't happened in ages.  Lately I've been following along, accepting offers, but not really initiating any socialization or activity.  I also took a stab at reading, I haven't felt that compulsion to read lately, but thought I may as well go ahead and do it.  I have limited attention to it, but I have been able to get through a couple of books.  On the down side, I am also realizing that I'm still having difficulty with crowded, busy places, tight spaces, and bright lights like flourescents and sunlight.  I hope this is progress.  I hope I'm not just heading for another crash.  Crossing my fingers, toes, and just about anything else that can be crossed. 

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