Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tiles of fun!

Tiling in the kitchen is well underway.  We finally got it all together and went out and purchased the tiles and related supplies we would need to finish the backsplash area of our kitchen.  Let me go back a bit.

When we first moved into our house, we decided we would update the look of the kitchen, it was not decorated to our taste and the counter tops were horrendous.  We replaced the counters and were very pleased with our choice.  Next step was to paint the kitchen, however, we discovered the previous owners had painted over wallpaper.  Our attempt to take down the wallpaper revealed we had SEVERAL layers of wallpaper mixed with drywall compound to hide seams and whatnot.  This brought us to a standstill.  Funds at the time were limited and we decided to wait a bit so we could fix it properly.

Such is life that we had a major leak in our bathroom and so kitchen work was further delayed.  We are not rich and have to take things one at a time.  We also had a wee one and let me tell you, daycare is VERY expensive, worth every penny with the right person (or people as our luck would have it), but expensive nonetheless.

Now, I am thrilled that we are finally working on the tiling in the kitchen.  DH is doing the bulk of the work, but in my supervisory capacity, I believe it is going extremely well.  He is very particular and precise about the placement of the tiles and pays so much attention to detail, it's unreal!  He is also planning a small tiling job for the powder room which pleases me to no end!  That tile saw was worth buying for sure. 

I love home renos, for real too, not just watching them on tv!

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  1. I hope it urns out beautifully! We'll have to borrow that tile saw at some point. Pink tile in the bathroom? No thanks!