Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday mornings

What is it about Sunday mornings?  They are just the best.  While I look forward to Saturdays the most, it usually ends up being quite a busy day with lessons, visits, shopping and whatnot.  I am just as exhausted Saturday night as I am on any other week night.  It's a good exhausted because it usually means that I have enjoyed my day. 

Sunday mornings though are luxurious.  No alarms sounding, wake up when I wake up (or when munchkin crawls in to say "Hi mommy!  I'm hungry!") and no particular schedule to keep or routines to complete like shower, dress, breakfast, make lunches and be in the car to get to work on time.  Sunday means a slower pace, relaxed time lines, eat when we're hungry and decide what to do when everyone is awake.  Sometimes we make plans in advance, but often we just see how the day progresses and go from there. 

Today we woke up to the Black Eyed Peas.  J and I were having our morning chat and cuddle and he was pretending to be a bear in his den waking up from his winter hibernation.  He asked for some berries to eat and wanted to hear some dance music.  So of course, I fed him his pretend berries and put on the first song I could think of that had some good beats.  After our little bear den dance party, he decided it was time to go downstairs and watch cartoons. 

Sunday mornings, so very sweet.  And did I mention yet what an amazing kid I have?  Didn't think so, needed to throw that in there. 

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