Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photo free

Why don't I post photos on my blog?  It's not as straightforward an answer as you might think.  I tend to over-complicate my life by worrying a lot.  I am a very shy person.  I cover this up pretty well because I am also quite social.  It just doesn't come easily.  I work really hard at this because it would be my preference to avoid social situations altogether.  It has nothing to do with not liking people or not wanting to have friends.  Quite the opposite actually.  I have a lot of difficulty with crowds, loud and noisy venues etc.  After a certain amount of time I feel like I am having sensory overload and have this immediate need to get out now.  Maybe it's anxiety, maybe it's just my tolerance is lower but each and every time I will have that flight response.  (I'm not really a fighter).  So we come back to the photo issue.  When I write on my blog, I feel like I am already baring my soul, so to speak.  For me, adding photos would be more like voyeurism.  My blog is public, I don't know who out there is reading it.  And words are just words when it's a stranger reading them.  Photos are a window into my personal space.  At least on other social networking sites I set up some privacy parameters so only ppl I want see my photos.  (yes, I understand this has it's limits too, but I feel more comfortable sharing photos there rather than here)

Alright alright.  So maybe I'll post photos that aren't too personal.

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