Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer living

It's July and things are certainly different, but not depressingly so.  The transition back to work went much better than expected.  It was almost as if I had never left.  Only my desk chair seems to be missing.  I eased myself back in with a 2 day work week, followed by a full week and then almost a full week of vacation.  I will really jump in when I am back at work next week. 

The Bug and Dolly are doing extremely well at the caregivers.  It was a good decision to keep them together for the summer, Dolly isn't missing me which is the way I want it.  She sure is happy when I pick her and her brother up at the end of the day.  They are busy, playing outside and enjoying the company of the other kids. 

The past few days we have been enjoying some summer activities, we spent a day at the cottage, the weather wasn't awesome but we managed to have some fun in the boat, fishing, and a quick swim.  Daddy took the Bug to a star party last night.  They got to look at Saturn and stay up way past bed time. We had a pj day, cartoon marathon, really enjoyed the down time.

Time is passing quickly but we sure are enjoying ourselves!

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