Friday, July 23, 2010

So much fun!

As luck would have it, day one of my vacay was totally rained out.  Of course that would happen to me.  On the bright side, I did get to spend the entire day with my hubby and son.  We typically only have one day a week together so two in a row was extra special.  I also brought my car in for it's regular maintenance, now that it is freshly lubed and the brakes are in tip top shape, we are ready to head up to the trailer tomorrow.  My 3 yr old is so excited.  He can't wait to go with his "lashlight, and fishing rod!"

We just got back from 2 full days up at the trailer, we had such a great time.  My parents bought it about 20 years ago, so many of my summer memories involve McGowan Lake Campground.  Now I get to enjoy it with my son as well.  He gets to experience all of the things I did as a kid.  We enjoyed swimming in the lake, racing for the turtle, playing "risbee", taking trucks to the park to race in the sandbox, swinging "not too high" on the swings, kicking the soccer ball, fishing, and digging for toy clams.  My little man loved his first camp fire.  It was well worth letting him stay up late for it.  He was not a big fan of the marshmallows, but he completely enjoyed the graham cracker cookies with chocolate.  He slept like a champ all night and was raring to go in the morning, not wanting to let anyone else sleep.  Why would they sleep when he's awake anyway??  We decided to come home 1 day early because they were calling for rain all day's seriously no fun in the rain.  So we packed up and headed home.  It was a quiet drive for me since the little guy fell asleep before we even hit the highway.  So I turned up some tunes and just enjoyed the time alone.  Soon enough we were home to see daddy.  He missed daddy, he looked for him in the morning, and wanted to bring things home for daddy.  I hit the sack early, fun in the water and sun always tires me out, and the sleep was awesome since I was back in my own bed.  Week one of Vacay 2010 is just about over, but there is still week two to look forward to!  We will play it by ear and plan things day to day depending on the weather.  


  1. YAY! Glad you guys had a good time. Does Jaden swim in the lake now?

  2. Thanks! He does swim in the lake. Last year, he wouldn't go in, but this time he was ready, we went out twice in one day! I think my mom was pretty thrilled to see him swimming!