Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A huge relief

I am so pleased that my 3 yr old is enjoying his new daycare.  Today was his second day, and when I picked him up he was happy, and wanted to tell me about everything he had done that day.  They took a walk down to the shopping plaza, visited one of his favourite stores (the Dollartwentyfiveortwodollarama lol), baked cupcakes, and played with trains.  I couldn't ask for anything more than to see his happy face at the end of a crazy day.  I guess that it goes to show that all things being equal, things do work out for the best.  I'm super glad that I can tuck away my guilty feelings and feel glad that this new situation will work out.  Again, I guess it just goes back the anxiety that I've previously blogged about.  Changes seem to be way more difficult for me than they are for him. My strategies for coping are virtually non-existent.  My husband, as wonderful as he is, is too matter of fact to help me deal with it.  My girl friends are much better, but I know they have their own difficulties and I hate to bother people with my problems.  Sometimes I reach out, but more often than not, I keep it to myself.  It's something that I've never understood about myself.  In any case, all of that just to say that I'm thrilled that my son is happy.  That is what matters the most to me.  That he is happy, safe, and well looked after.  I'm very fortunate to have been able to find fantastic caregivers for him. 


  1. wow!!! what happened to the last place?

  2. on the civic holiday she gave me two weeks notice, she was going back to work at her old job :( tell ya more at BK...