Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An hour gained

I love this weekend.  A whole hour gained is the best part of autumn.  My day feels like I have so much more time!  Had a great day on Saturday, watched movies with a great friend, ate yummy foods, watched my buggy get dunked by his swim teacher (I agreed), slept decently for the first time in at least a week, and generally feel refreshed.

I started writing this on Sunday, it is now Wednesday and the week isn't looking so good anymore.  My colleague will be away from work for a while and I'm now in the daunting situation of keeping us afloat on my own until she returns.  I hope I'll be ok, but at least I have some support where I work, and a pretty good manager who listens and is able to make a decision.

While I haven't been pondering serious topics lately the issue of ethics was raised by a friend and I just wanted to share my perspective and I hope no one takes offense, that is not in any way my intention. 

I think as women/mothers we take entirely too much onto ourselves.  Between guilty feelings, "Am I doing the right thing or not?"  and trying to do everything perfectly for our kids, making the right choices, and what-have-you, I think all we really effectively do is send our blood pressure through the roof.  I am trying to look at it this way:  I want my son to remember me as a fun, stable, firm parent.  I want him to know what to expect from me.  He won't like everything (I would worry if he did) but at least he will have consistency.  If I am anxiety ridden all the time, he will pick up on that and mimic that state of mind.  I want to show him that life is full of twists and turns that we actually have very little control over.  Yes we can choose what to eat, and what to use, but if the universe throws a wrench in the system, we have to re-group, re-adjust, and find another option.  Life is complicated enough, I am really trying not to aggravate the situation by over-thinking and over-analyzing the choices that I do make.  I want to enjoy my baby, enjoy our family, play hard and often, and get to sleep at a decent time.

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