Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water woes

Well, our basement sprung two leaks.  Around the window on the back side of the house and on the front side of the house from a cracked elbow on the downspout (we are happy this will be a relatively easy fix).  Tristan used the shop vac to suck out water from the fully saturated window well.  I am estimating that 220 L of water did NOT come into our house due to his quick thinking.  Looks like we are spending the better part of the weekend solving some drainage issues.  The deck in the back will come out because right now we can't even get at the window.  Last night we demo-ed the basement wall, removed all of the wet drywall and insulation and found out that the damage is not too bad.   The carpet was wet maybe a foot from the wall, we didn't lose any valuables, and no one got electrocuted from the soaked outlet nor did it start a fire (there was something plugged into it, but I was able to remove the plug without any mishaps!).  If anyone knows any reliable companies who do drainage please send me your recommendations!  We will have to start getting estimates to help us dig down to the weeping tile and hopefully help us prevent this from happening again!  It will be money well spent although it's going to hurt for sure!  While we're at it, we're thinking about putting in a patio rather than replace the know, go big or go home!

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