Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A tradition

Today marks the start of Chicken and Rib Fest on Sparks St.!  For the last few years we have been frequenting this super-yummy event!  A carnivore's dream restaurant!  It's one of my favourite traditions that we have started in our little family.  I don't spend a lot of time downtown, I don't work there and I've "been there done that" as a teenager.  Parking is a nightmare and I would rather stay home than try to take the bus from Barrhaven to downtown on the weekend.  I will most certainly make the trip for some good BBQ!  And Tristan likes to drive so, I'm all in!  So many grills to choose from, we generally go with the one with the shortest line, but they seem to have the serving down to a science.  Never takes too too long to get your grub.  Eating is messy, I ALWAYS get more on me than in me, and J seems to enjoy it as well.  One year he just ran up and down some stairs and was perfectly content.  Another year he got a huge kick out of a convertible they had on display, the nice guy running the prize draw let him sit in it and everything.  We tried really hard but couldn't keep him from touching the car and the guy had to keep wiping hand prints off of it.  He just smiled and tolerated our curious guy quite well!  So here's to summer and Chicken and Rib Fest!

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