Sunday, August 21, 2011


Okay baseball fans, don't get too excited, I am not referring to the pitch that is thrown in to confuzzle the unwitting batter.  I am simply referring to a change of pace, a change of routine.  Today we threw in a trip to the local bowling alley.  It was our first time bringing our son, and probably our first time going since before we were even married!  That makes > 9 years.  And we had so much fun.  It amazes me how freaking smart my son is.  He walked down the steps into the rock 'n bowl area found our lane #30, picked up a bowling ball and pitched it down the lane!  And I really mean pitched.  He thought he should throw it like a baseball, except he couldn't quite manage the wind-up.  Kind of pushed it out from his shoulder.  You could hear the bang throughout the entire alley, and the music was cranked!  After a quick orientation to the between the legs throw, he was bowling like a champ.  He did a lot better than I expected.  He scored a 65 on his first game and a 69 (ahem) on the second.  Sometimes I score numbers like that, so it ain't half bad!  (my scores, FYI were 103 and 136!  i have never broken 100 before!)  He picked up really quickly that he got three tries and then it was my turn.  He even caught on, with no explanation, how to check the monitor to figure out how many points he scored and how many throws he had left and whose turn it was to play.  Word of advice:  don't order the hot dog from the snack counter.  Took 25 mins to make a stupid tube steak.  Could have butchered the animal and stuffed my own weiner in that amount of time.  Next time, we eat before we go and just get a slushie to enjoy while we play.  

Top the whole day off with some retail therapy, a nice change to our master bedroom, outfitted with new bedding, a little bit sexier, if you ask me, along with some sleek laptop tables (yes there is a slight element of geekiness to our room, it can't be helped, we encourage each other).  We also purchased some clothing in anticipation of our little guy starting school in a couple of weeks, he grows like a weed.  A very well fed weed. 

To end the day after all of that excitement, we cooked two fantastic meals one for today and one for tomorrow.  Tonight I will be dreaming of crock pot spaghetti sauce.  Heightens the anticipation for tomorrow's dinner.  Added bonus being that we won't have to cook again until at least Wednesday, maybe Thursday.  That's the bomb in my book.   

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