Sunday, August 7, 2011

Comfort food

Apples and peanut butter.  Y-U-M.  Takes me straight back to my childhood, this was a snack that my mom made for us regularly.  It's quick and not too complicated which I think is important when you're trying to feed four hungry kids.  Slice up an apple and put a blob of PB on it and pop the whole thing in your mouth.  I prefer a sweet apple like a pink lady or royal gala, but it works with tart apples as well.  I think I have my son hooked on it now too.  Yesterday was the first time he would actually try it, usually he just eats the apple slices, but yesterday he asked to try it, and he liked it so much he asked for more!  He even hummed while he chewed which also reminds me of my childhood since 2 of my sibs used to do this and we thought it was so cute.  My guy is not an adventurous eater so I was thrilled that he initiated trying something a little bit new for him.  I knew he liked apples, and he definitely loves peanut butter (on sandwiches), but he's usually hesitant to mix foods together, he generally prefers to eat things on their own.  I'm hoping this is a new trend that he will continue.  Even if it's one new thing a week, I'll be ecstatic! 

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