Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogs are toys

Okay I'm on the third iteration of my blog.  I would like to up the readership but have so far not been comfortable pursuing that because I'm not entirely happy with how it looks.  I am playing around with colour schemes and styles to figure out which one suits me best.  I don't have a lot of patience for it, I'm not that great at coordinating colours and deciding on contrast.  Oddly enough, my husband is really good at that, but it's not his blog and his style and my style are completely different.  He likes sharp lines, bold colours with high contrast.  I'm a little more subdued, but still want to keep it clean looking and not too busy.   

I think my impatience in part, has to do with the fact that I sincerely believe I am colour blind.  My family, well my mom and sisters, they insist that colours that I think are blue are actually purple, and vice versa.  Sometimes I also pair my black socks with blue ones, it's not until I'm actually out somewhere that I look down and notice "Shit!  My socks are two different colours!" 

Please let me know if you think my blog is ugly, especially you artsy-craftsy ones out there!  I swear to not take it personally.  Just want some honest, but please be gentle, feedback.  


  1. Here's my honest opinion, my friend. I like the background a lot. It's feminine but not frilly. I like the pink accents because it's a nice subtle pop of colour.

    Things I would probably modify slightly include the colour of the gradient at the top, which I think is also the colour of the hyperlinks that aren't visited. That colour specifically clashes with the bluey purple that makes up the text of the rest of the blog.

    Nice job!! I like this one more than your last iteration - it's showing more of your personality. :)

  2. PS - great title. I spend hours upon hours playing with my toys doing this design part. It can be frustrating but I do enjoy it.

  3. Thanks Karen! I hope the changes are working better. Wish I could change the colour of Blogger title bar across the top, but don't think I can. Probably something to do with logos and copyright and all that jazz.