Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birdlike tendencies

Wow, this is new, something I never experienced in my first pregnancy, NESTING!  I find I have this incredible urge to organize!  Especially related to baby items, old and new!  We made a large purchase earlier this week, dressers for all 3 bedrooms!  It hurt a bit in the pocketbook, but has really done wonders in terms of getting everything to make sense!  We went to Ikea knowing exactly what we wanted, a large 6 drawer dresser for our room, and two smaller 3 drawer dressers for each of the kidlets rooms.  (By the way, their new store in O-Town, is crazily gigantic.  I almost didn't last the whole way through!  Hubby offered to let me ride on the furniture trolley and push me to the end...)  They are all the same colour, black/brown and should serve us well over the next several years.  The best part is that they are made of actual wood!  Not stupid press board or whatever it's called!  I've also been through a lot of big brother's clothes to clear out stuff that is clearly "boy" and pack away what we can potentially reuse.  Next person I know having their first boy is going to get a very large donation!  I just don't have enough room in my house to keep it all.  Buying a bigger house is certainly NOT going to happen.  :)  We are down to a matter of days before D-Day (Daughter Day!) and I'm not panicking but certainly wanting to get things done soon! 

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