Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shut the front door

It has seriously been over two months since my last post?  Sheesh.  Neglectful of me!  We are now in the countdown phase to baby girl's arrival...July 2/13 will be the big day!  I have officially stopped working, yay!  Now feeling more tired than ever, especially in the evenings where I am sure my whole body has mysteriously transformed into lead!  It's hard to be slow and not want to be!  Took my bug to the park yesterday after school and just about died on the walk home which seriously, takes only 5 minutes...sigh.  Not to mention all my appts at the hospital with the worst parking on the planet. Omg, am I complaining again?  I really try not to do that....but it's inevitable.

So BABY DAY is scheduled for July 2nd, it really can't come fast enough.  I know I will have recovery time to cope with but I'm so anxious to meet our little girl.  So are Daddy and Big Brother.  Seems like it's taking forever!  

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