Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why I choose vaccination

I am not here to publicly flog those who choose not to vaccinate their children or themselves.

I am here to say why it is I choose vaccination.

Vaccination prevents diseases that pose a much greater health risk than any risks associated with the vaccine.  Tetanus, polio, diptheria, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, pertussis.  I experienced two of these, one as a child (pertussis) and one as a teenager (varicella) and the memories are traumatic enough that I never want my own kids to experience them. 

No matter what anyone says I will never believe that vaccines cause Autism. 

There are very fragile adults, babies and children who legitimately cannot be vaccinated due to their health conditions ie. cardiac, cancer that rely on others to vaccinate to protect these fragile darlings.  Also, healthy babies under 18 months cannot be given the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine and so are susceptible.  Immunity via exposure does nothing to protect them because a non vaccinated person can easily be a carrier of the disease and infect others without ever becoming sick themselves.

Travel to other countries puts you at risk of diseases that may not be prevalent here in Canada.  I traveled to Dominican Republic and sought advice about what I may need to protect myself against.  Hepatitis A and B are common there especially in contaminated water (ice cubes!).  There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C but was cautioned about what to avoid to better protect myself. 

These are the biggest reasons why I am wholeheartedly in favour of vaccination.  If there is something I can do to protect my children, family and those who are vulnerable to diseases that are easily prevented, I will do it.

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