Sunday, July 17, 2011

Defend the defenseless

What the hell kind of idiot parents leave a one month old baby in the car while they go shopping at Home Depot?  In the middle of f$#@*&! summer.  The "I forgot" excuse (sort of like that elderly man and his dog a couple of weeks ago) is NOT APPLICABLE.  How do you forget you have a baby in the car?  How could you be so stupid to think leaving a baby in essentially an oven for almost an hour wouldn't be harmful?  Infants, young children and pets have no defenses against something like that.  It's criminal.  Even if it was an honest mistake (which I seriously doubt), that kind of mistake is fatal and I really hope something is done to protect this babe from further harm.  Reports like this are what make me look in on my son an extra time during the night, and squish him extra hard whenever I get the chance.  I value his life more than my own and would die before letting anything hurt him.  Please be vigilant and never leave your children unattended.  It only takes an instant for something devastating to happen, whether it be choking, drowning, or running out in front of a car, accidents, but devastating nonetheless.  Leaving a child in the hot car while shopping is criminally negligent. 

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