Sunday, July 31, 2011

Perfect day

I'm not a complicated person.  In fact, I prefer for my life to be simple.  Yesterday, is what I would consider to be a perfect day.  I spent the whole day with my favourite boy in the world.  We got up at our usual time, ate our usual breakfast together at a ridiculously early time given that we are on holidays.  Apparently 4 year olds don't quite grasp the concept of "sleeping in".  I long to sleep past sunrise someday, but until then, I will enjoy the early AM's with my buggy.  We got daddy up, he is an impossibly deep sleeper, he just struggles to get to sleep.  Something to do with a mild computer addiction.  Nothing life threatening, and most days works to my advantage. 

We scored a drop-off at the library where we played a bit with their toys, read a couple of stories, and found a good book for me to read, always a bonus.  Holiday reading material, nothing to heavy, just a good enjoyable read to keep me entertained over the next few days.  We meandered over to the park nearby where my guy made eyes (yep, those beautiful blues)  at a young teenage girl who was quite happy to play for a while with him.  In fact, she was great with him, she chased him around the structure, pushed him on the swings, and spun him on the tire.  I think he was slightly scared, but she was quick to notice and slow him down.  When it was time for her to go, we decided to grab some lunch, I was hoping the caf at the Walter Baker would be open, but when it wasn't, we settled for snacks from the machine.  We feasted on Sun chips and cookies (Which I made a profit on, yay for disfunctional snack machines!  I put in my $2.00 for the $1.50 cookies, and the machine returned all of my $2.00 in quarters!  Yes, the little things excite me.), and then we went to the pool for free swim.  My guy loves to swim.  We had races in the pool, played with the ball, and practiced floating, blowing bubbles, and all that fun stuff.  We had the ball stolen (well not stolen, we put it aside and someone grabbed it, no malice intended) from us and he just said "It's ok Mommy, there are more balls in the bucket".  An elderly Chinese man stole his pool noodle (this was weird cause it was right beside us, I think he was a little senile) to make himself a "floatie", he had his own rope to tie 3 noodles together then he put them over his head and wriggled until it was around his waist like his own noodle ring.  And my guy just said "It's ok Mommy, I don't need it, I can touch the bottom and just hop."  When we were done in the pool we headed home on the bus, the walk from the bus stop to the house is longer than the actual ride, but he loves to go on the bus.  We ran into his caregiver, chatted for a moment and then ended the afternoon with a rousing THREE HOUR NAP!  

Busy days make a sleepy boy.  When daddy got home we ate burgers for dinner, and J chose leftover spaghetti & meatballs.  We had brownies for dessert and then the boys played video games and I read my book and fell asleep before they came upstairs.  I have no idea what time they came to bed at, and don't think I will ask.  It's probably best I don't know and it was my own fault anyway because I fell asleep. :)

This is what I call, a perfect day. 

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