Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh the anticipation

Holidays are approaching....  TGIFH!!

Work is crazy, 3 people to do 4 jobs, the work is stressful and we are definitely scrambling.  I can't wait to kick back for 2 weeks + 1 day and just not make too many plans.  Inevitably, I do make plans, but I am planning to have a couple of days of just nothing.  Interesting to note, the Busker Festival begins next week down on Sparks St.  Definitely something I am hoping to check out.  J really enjoyed the performance at Chicken/Rib Fest and I think it would something fun to check out, inexpensive, toss a few coins in a few hats and enough money for lunch at a hot dog cart!  The joys of downtown!  Maybe I will introduce him to the Beavertail as well, we never did make it to Winterlude...  Tourism at home can be a very fun and rewarding way to go!  We'll also hit up cottage country, swim, boat, fish, all the stuff we've always enjoyed doing in my family.  It will probably go by too quickly and I'll be back at work in a flash.  OK, I am trying NOT to depress myself!  (not working so well)  Hope to spend some time with some friends as well.  Lives are busy, rush rush, go go, and so I really want to make time to hang with my girlz. 

Happy happy summer everyone!  This past week has been a hot one, take care and stay cool! 

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