Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mother's intuiton?

A quick follow up to my last post.  Mother's intuition, yes, it does exist.  I knew it was more than viral.  J's pediatrician found that he has a pretty nasty lung infection.  Both sides of his chest were rattly and so off to the pharmacy we went to pick up $150 worth of prescriptions and voila, the very next day, feeling 100% better.  Slept so quietly and peacefully for a whopping 12 hrs!  Unheard of for my guy who consistently sleeps 10 and no more.  His cough literally disappeared after the first dose of meds.  One antibiotic and another to open his airways.  Trying to get the meds into him is a different matter altogether, he needs cajoling, threatening, and finally bribery to get him to open his mouth.    I'm glad we went back to see his pediatrician who is wonderful with him. 

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