Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Tomorrow is my birthday.  I'm feeling pretty ambivalent about it this year.  Turning 33 is not really that special.  In fact, I'm starting to feel old.  I do have all these fun plans, but it sure doesn't feel the way it used to.  I used to get so excited for my birthday.  I always hoped it would snow on my birthday, one year, it did, and that was extra special.  I would like to experience a time warp where I could just skip tomorrow and go straight to Friday.  I know, I know, I'm sounding crusty and grumpy, I KNOW!  It can't be helped.  Just trying to be honest.  Life just goes by way too fast.  I look at my little man and just wonder how he got to be 4 already.  It's impossible, we just brought him home yesterday, or so it seems.  Time is just one of those things you never have enough of...I'm so scared that tomorrow he will turn 18 or something and tell me he's leaving home.  Oh geez.  Now I have terrified myself.  OK, that's enough for now.  Grumpy out.

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