Friday, September 17, 2010

I was twigged

So I came across a discussion today on FB about what makes a good blog.  (It has actually gotten me over some writers block I've had for the last couple of weeks.)  Is it content?  Is it design?  How many readers follow that blog?  This got me to thinking ... What's in a blog?  And in particular, what's in my blog?  I never really intended for it to really go beyond me just logging my thoughts, my feelings, impressions of different situations.  I don't really write it with other people in mind.  I blog for myself.  Writing helps me to process the events of my life and lets me reflect on the different things that happen day to day.  My ability to verbalize what's in my brain is far inferior to my ability to express them in writing.  I've never been much of a talker, but when I write, I seem to express so much more of what I think and feel.  The path from my brain to my fingers seems to work far better than the path to my mouth, although I'm sure my parents would disagree...but I digress.  We'll save that for another blog. ;) 

I'm actually kind of surprised that other people are interested in reading my blog.  I only have 4 official followers (go BK girls!), but who knows really how many people have come across my blog and taken the time to read?  I am always very surprised and also pleased when someone says to me, "You know, I read your blog and blah blah blah..."  It's a way to incite conversation and allows you to get to the heart of the matter without having to give a lot of background information.  Let's have a yay for efficiency as well, although that's not really the point, but it is certainly relevant.  I think it allows us to have more meaningful discussions because everyone is already on the same page and ready to just discuss what they want to discuss.  And let's face it, in this day and age, we are all busy, many of us are absorbed in family life and want to spend as much time with our children as possible.  Our opportunities to socialize are far fewer so why not blog about our day to day stuff and then spend our social time talking about what really matters?  Or clarifying issues that we didn't quite understand, or debating the points we didn't agree on, or giving sympathy when someone chooses to blog about a sadness that they are experiencing?  I myself received so much support when I was blogging about the stress in my life when transitioning my son to a new daycare that I began to think, "Wow, there is really something to this." 

When I started this blog, I was doing it for myself, but now I realize that it's not only just for me.  It's for my peeps too.  I want to keep the people who are close to me inside my loop.  I have this tendency to draw back especially when I'm upset or stressed out, this has become the way I keep the door open and allow others in. 


  1. Hey Amanda! I read your blog and it's great to get a peak into your world :)

  2. Ohhhh, I've never been a "peep" before. I feel so cool now. ;-)