Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well, I got lemons

Totally sucks lemons.  Can't drive for 6 months or until I'm medically cleared to drive again.  I can't really remember what happened, but apparently I had a seizure yesterday morning.  Scared the crap out of my husband.  I remember coming to and thinking, "who the F is in my bedroom?".  It was a paramedic.  (he scored 8/10 on the hotness meter)  Damn!  I failed most of the questions he asked me except my name and where I was, other than that I didn't know the day, the date, the month, what we ate for dinner the night before, the fact that we had decorated our Christmas Tree, I couldn't remember putting my son to bed, you know, stuff I should have been able to remember.  Very frightening. I'm so grateful it happened at home and my hubby knew exactly what to do.  I bit my tongue very hard, it's very swollen and hurts :(  My right side has also been affected.  It feels weak and sore, not sure if from the seizure or from attempts to roll me over since I was on my stomach. 

I have a great support system.  A wonderful family, amazing friends, an awesome caregiver for my son, more than anyone could ask for.  The next 6 months are going to be rough, but things can always be worse so I'm trying very hard to keep a positive outlook.  At least I live in a city and have other options.  I also have a hubby who loves to drive, I now refer to him as my personal chauffeur.   Driving Miss Amanda!

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  1. Wow Amanda! That must have been a scary situation! I couldn't imagine! Take care of yourself and I hope you are feeling 100% soon!